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Fathers as Community Superheroes in Bronx, New York

Simple Things that Promote Dad and Child Relationship

Father and son relationships can be complex and sometimes competitive, especially if both vary widely in their interests. However, there are key elements to create and build a strong father-son relationship. Check out some of the strategies below. Be a role model Young men watch how their fathers treat women or deal with men regarding … Continue reading

How to Be a Great Father: Tips for Young Dads

Most young dads experience a variety of emotions when they’re about to become a parent. If you feel panicked, overwhelmed, or scared, you’re not alone. Like any major life event, you’ll need to prepare yourself. At Fathers 4 Progress Inc., we have parenting programs that will help empower young dads. These programs will also help … Continue reading

The Importance of Father and Child Bonding

Developing a deep connection between father and child provides numerous benefits for the whole family. Fathers, like mothers, are essential in the development of a child’s emotional development. Children look to them for guidance, security, and discipline. Affectionate and supportive fathers also play a role in influencing their children’s cognitive and social development by instilling … Continue reading

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Survival Tips for First Time Dad

Fatherhood comes with several changes that will disrupt your normal routine. Things will be constantly changing and it will be hard to imagine when things will get back to normal. However, there are some ways to ease the hectic dad schedule and deal with sleep schedules, nutritional demands, breastfeeding, and safety concerns. Read on to … Continue reading

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