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The Dad-Bod Should Not Be a Thing

The Dad-Bod Should Not Be a Thing

When the “Dad-Bod” phenomenon became viral, a lot of people—men and women alike, have become positive in terms of men’s body-image. For many of them, the Dad-bod was seen to be a natural and human phase to go through. And a lot of men showed off their I-exercise-occasionally-and-enjoys-that-six-pack-beer-and-eight-slices-of-pizza kind of body.

As a fatherhood training in Bronx, New York, we believe that having a dad-bod is not a thing to be proud of. Studies have shown that obesity is linked to major lifestyle diseases such as heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. Choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet is key to a better life and it sets as a good example to your children.

Fathers 4 Progress Inc. believes that fathers are role models to their children. So do your children right by showing them that taking care of your body is just as important as going to school and feeding your brain. If you want to get started but don’t quite know how to, we have a fatherhood program in New York which offers several services for fathers like you.

Our parenting programs range from physical fitness training to employability skills development such as vocational training, financial literacy workshops, and ESL classes. We also do individual counselling and referral services program.

Contact us to know more about our programs. You may also visit us at the Fatherhood Training Center, 281 East Burnside Ave., Bronx, NY 10457.

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