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Programs to Becoming Better Fathers


Most of the fathers with whom we spoke began participating in their fatherhood program because they wanted to become better fathers. The fathers remained in the program because of the connections they developed with the program facilitator and the other fathers in the program, and because of the new skills and hope they gained from participation. At Fathers 4 Progress Inc., we provide Parenting Programs in Bronx, New York that gives hope to every father out there.

The primary reason that fathers cited for participating in the Fatherhood Training programs we provide was to become better fathers to their children. They hoped the program would help them strengthen their relationships with their children, especially those who do not live with them. Fathers also hoped the program would improve their relationship with their children’s mother or would help their custody cases. For example, several fathers commented that they hoped the programs would prove that they are trying to be good fathers and provide a better future for their families.

Our clients said that young fathers and first-time fathers need these programs. Learn more about our Fatherhood Program in New York, and get to know the fathers we have helped throughout the years.

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