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Depression in Men: What It Is Like

Depression in Men: What It Is Like

In the older days, men are seen as stronger and more stable than women. There has been no proven genetic difference between a man and a woman which means they are physiologically and cognitively equal. Despite being equal, there might be a difference in expression, mood, and perception due to hormonal differences. Let’s focus on depression and how men handle it. Depression in men is just the same with depression in women, the way how it is being dealt with is where it differs. According to https://www.webmd.com/depression/depression-men#1, more than 6 million men are experiencing depression every year.

Men express depression differently – fatigue, changes in appetite, apathy, and sleep disturbances are some of the most common symptoms. When women experience depression, they feel sadness and worthlessness, with men its somewhat opposite, they tend to be very aggressive, hostile, withdrawn, and irritable. When men are hit with depression it is not noticed or diagnosed immediately because they deny having such. They are expected to be strong and in everybody’s belief, expression of feelings is a feminine attitude. That is the reason why they don’t talk about how they really feel, instead, they express it by the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

Men seldom show common signs of depression. They keep it hidden to themselves. That is the reason why medical professionals often fail to recognize the issue as depression. Depression in men also has devastating effects on their performance and sexual desire. In the United States of America, men are three to four times more likely to commit suicide than women. This number is referring to completed or successful suicides. Depression in men is difficult to assess because of cultural point of view. Men are expected to be strong, lean, and in control. This established point of view shadows our assessment of men’s depression.

Older men are still susceptible to the condition because it can be secondary to an illness like cancer, stroke, paralysis, or any heart-related disease. Fathers 4 Progress Inc. a Fatherhood Training Center in Bronx, New York is a go-to place for men who want to prepare for fatherhood or who want to make sure that they are doing the right acts as good fathers. It is an organization established to focus on the needs of men as a member of the community. We recognize the importance of specifying that men also have an active support group where they can run to in times of profound crisis.

We offer this Fatherhood Program in New York to empower all men to become better fathers, role models, and guide to all. Browse our website www.fathers4progress.org to know more information about our programs and training courses. You can also set an appointment with us so we can discuss the mission and vision of our organization. Let us help you rediscover your potential!

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