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Breaking the Stereotypes of Parental Roles

father and daughter

In stereotypical social and gender norms, men or fathers are put on a pedestal to be the default breadwinners. In contrast, women or mothers are emotional carers that take the hands-on role in nurturing and caring for the child. While this is widely believed in the past, a father’s parenting role and primary contribution to the family has now changed.

Ever since, moms and dads once had distinct, defined, and rigidly segmented roles. Fathers were more inclined on the financial aspect or with regards to earning enough money to provide for the family. This time in an ever-changing society, the parental roles of fathers have encompassed the stereotype. Fathers of today now also take the role of becoming the nurturer and caretaker, which traditionally used to be the mother’s mantle. Parenting programs in Bronx, New York help men to become better fathers that now portray these responsibilities.

At Fathers 4 Progress Inc., we equip every father with knowledge, attitude, and values through various fatherhood program in New York. These programs aim to support fathers that now take on a more active role in nurturing and raising their children. Even with the seemingly basic tasks like the diaper changes, the cooking, the cleaning, other household chores, and beyond. Through these programs, dads also gain a full grasp with regards to positive parenting skills, appropriate discipline, effective communication, emotional support, among many others.

Indeed the defined roles of each parent have changed dramatically. Fatherhood training has now made it simpler for fathers to become more increasingly involved in child-raising, just as the mothers. To learn more, contact us today.

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