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Why Men Sometimes Might Need Rescuing


The pure definition of a family is composed of a mother, a father, and the children. The father goes to work while the mother does the household chores assisted by the children. Fathers or men are always seen as the breadwinner of the family, the strongest one amidst the crisis, the savior of the family. In the past, men are always required to go to work, to be considered a good father to his children, and they too are required to feed the family to be considered as the patriarch. That’s the basic definition of fatherhood or manhood in old age. It is different now, slightly changed but totally different.

Nowadays, the majority of families, especially in the United States of America, there is what we call as an absent father. An absent father as defined by definitions.uslegal.com/a/absent-parent/ is a father who is physically absent from the child’s home, a non-custodial parent who is obligated to pay partial child support. This is a case when the father did not intentionally leave a child, the absence was just a consequence of a decision like a divorce. Being an absent father is never easy, the emotional constraint and the loneliness affect many things, but then again, society expects men to be the stronger side. Seldom do men receive help and console despite everything that has happened.

That is the reason why the organization Fathers 4 Progress Inc. was built. We aim to provide men the support and empowerment that they need in times of crisis. We want to make it a point that everyone, including men have their own support group in the community. We aim to bring men, fathers or not, to a stage where they discover their positive sides, where they can be confident in expressing their feelings and emotions. Our organization wants to create male role models, influential men, and empowered men. Empowerment will help men achieve greater heights and create a network of support for others.

Fathers 4 Progress Inc. is a Fatherhood Program in New York where we prepare men to be good fathers to their family and in the future. We have State-of-the-Art Theatres, Physical Fitness Center, Vocational Training Center, and more prepared to make sure that all men from different walks of life are gathered in one activity, an open space for them to grow and learn. If you know of a man who might be needing our program or who might benefit from our organization, you can refer them to us by browsing our website at www.fathers4progress.org.

For more details about the programs we offer, you can contact us at Fathers 4 Progress Inc. a Fatherhood Training Center in Bronx, New York. We are affiliated and in partnership with a lot of existing groups in the country. We hope to see you in our upcoming events!

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