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Top 5 Health Issues That Men Face


Physical ailments occur to anyone, regardless of gender or age, but the group of men tends to have higher chances for complications than women. According to WebMD, an average of five years is the length of time that husbands pass away earlier than their wives.

In our advocacy of providing a Fatherhood Training Center in Bronx, New York, we also put important consideration on the health status of the men in our society. Here’s a quick look at the top health conditions that beset men so that, once knowing, you can work towards prevention and maintenance.

  1. Cardiovascular Disease
    This is also known as atherosclerosis, an incident wherein a person’s arteries are hardened. This condition can easily result in heart disease, or even a stroke attack, which is attributed as the “silent killer.” To help address this, men should begin monitoring their cholesterol level as soon as they reach 25 years old and work towards controlling their blood pressure. They are also encouraged to invest time towards physical activity of ideally 30 minutes at least each day. For their meals, eating fruits and vegetables is highly recommended.
  2. Lung Cancer
    This type of cancer is one of the most aggressive among other cancers and it also spreads very early so that when it shows symptoms, it’s already too late to make interventions. The main culprit of lung cancer is the smoking habit; hence, quitting smoking at the earliest can help extend the life span of men.
  3. Prostate Cancer
    This is the only cancer that is exclusive for men and is a very common cancer following skin cancer. While there are prostate cancer screenings available, it doesn’t really provide definite evidence for prevention. Fortunately, most prostate cancers grow very slowly, and only a few are aggressive. The best preventive action is to regularly meet with your doctor so that your risks are identified early on.
  4. Depression and Suicide
    Men are prevalently believed to be tough and strong, so the concept of mental health is generally perceived as weakness. It’s vital that when you observe that the men in your life are frequently sad for an unusually long time, get them some help. They could also benefit from our Fatherhood Program in New York as our experts can be their confidants in letting out their emotional pressures.
  5. Diabetes
    Diabetes creeps in secretly and silently, and most of the time without symptoms. Aside from age and family history, diabetes can also occur to those men who are overweight. To prevent this occurrence, men are encouraged to engage in an active lifestyle, doing physical exercises at least 30 minutes daily and eating fruits and vegetables in daily meals.

As we advocate for men’s overall well-being at Fathers 4 Progress Inc., we hope that this information can equip you in ensuring the wellness of your loved one. We recognize that a healthy man is able to handle their fatherhood role responsibly and diligently.

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