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Nurturing Your Relationships with Your Kids

Fathers play a crucial role in the lives of their kids. For this reason, fathers need to step up and make the right parenting choices, not just for themselves but for their kids too. One of the best ways to fulfill your role as a father is to nurture the relationships you have with your kids. 

Here at Fathers 4 Progress Inc., our fatherhood training program in Bronx, NY, has helped countless men become more effective fathers to their kids. We witness how many relationships thrive when cared for. What are some methods fathers can explore to nurture their relationships with their kids?

  • Make Time for Them

    Our fatherhood training center in New York understands that every strong relationship can be cared for when you make time for the other person. As a parent, fathers need to spend quality time with their kids if they want to foster a positive relationship with them.

    Spending quality time together can be as simple as doing chores or as intricate as going on out-of-town trips together. Be sure to stay consistent when making time for your kids.

  • Be Present

    Your presence has a major impact on the lives of your children. Kids feel more valued when they see their dads make efforts to be present. With the help of our individual counseling in New York, you can learn how to be more present in your children’s lives and make them feel important.

  • Open Communication

    Learn how to communicate with your kids. Engage in fun and productive conversations with them. Of course, listen to what they have to say.

Let us help you become better fathers! Learn more about our programs today!

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