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Love Month Is About Making Time for Your Children

Love Month Is About Making Time for Your Children

Fathers 4 Progress Inc. understands that it is oftentimes hard for parents and children to get together for a meal, let alone make quality time as a family. But, our fatherhood program in Bronx, New York concludes that there is nothing our children would like more.

We advice you to get up 10 minutes ahead every morning to eat breakfast with your kid. In the evening, leave the dishes in the sink for a while and take a walk with them after dinner. This is because kids who don’t get the attention they need from us, parents, oftentimes act out or display negative behavior in order to be noticed that way. Spending time with our kids can also keep us updated with the happenings in their life, helping us know whether they’re mental and emotional health is still fine or not. Aside from that, it also makes them more open to us. Hence, sharing problems and what they feel towards us and their environment becomes easy.

Our fatherhood program in Bronx New York also found out that most parents find it worthwhile to list together bonding time with their kids. Plan a “special night/day” every week to be gathered together and let your children help determine how to spend that special time. Also, find other ways to spend quality time even when they are in school by leaving a note on their lunchbox.

When parenting, never feel guilty if you’re a working mom or dad. It is the countless little stuff we do that our beloved children will remember.

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