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How to Be a Great Father: Tips for Young Dads


Most young dads experience a variety of emotions when they’re about to become a parent. If you feel panicked, overwhelmed, or scared, you’re not alone. Like any major life event, you’ll need to prepare yourself.

At Fathers 4 Progress Inc., we have parenting programs that will help empower young dads. These programs will also help you cultivate a better relationship with your wife and child.

If you come to our fatherhood training in Bronx, New York, here are some tips we offer to young fathers out there:

  • Educate yourself
    You can read parenting books, watch videos, or take classes. Never stop learning how to care for your baby.
  • Support your wife
    If paternity is new for you, so is motherhood for her. After giving birth, she’ll need your support, so make sure to spend time with her and your newborn.
  • Continue your education
    Having a child is going to cost money. You’ll need to spend money on baby food, diapers, and clothing. Make sure to continue your education so you can find a job and provide financial support to your family.
  • Ask for help
    Being a parent is not easy. Don’t be afraid to seek help from family members or a fatherhood program in New York.

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