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Life of A Father: Staying Fit and Healthy


When one becomes a father, it’s easy to overlook their health when balancing their job, family, and responsibilities. However, it is necessary to take care of one’s well-being, particularly physical health.

It’s already no surprise that regular exercise benefits everyone, but dads need to keep healthy bodies and minds. Participating in a fatherhood program in New York can also help them keep up with their children and spend more time with them.

When juggling a family and a full-time job, you may struggle to fit in regular exercise or good habits. Try the following suggestions to see if they can help:

  • Eat a nutritious breakfast.
  • Get some exercise in the morning instead of the afternoon.
  • Choose physical activities that you prefer and enjoy
  • Walk your kids to school if possible.
  • Take a break from household chores every hour or two.

Finding and maintaining a healthy weight is tough, but you can achieve a long-term goal with a few adjustments to your daily routine. Your motivation will keep you away from bad habits and away from your go-to fast-food restaurant, and you’ll be able to continue on your fitness path with your determination.

At Fathers 4 Progress Inc., we offer fatherhood training, mentorship, and seminars to help them remain on the right path, lead a healthy lifestyle, and provide for their families.

To learn about our latest parenting programs in Bronx, New York, don’t hesitate to contact us at 718-299-6500 (Ext. 1027) or send us a message at f4p_sbhs@yahoo.com.

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