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How Fathers Shape Their Daughters’ Romantic Relationships

father and daughter smiling

You might not realize it, but fathers can have a significant impact on their daughters’ romantic relationships. Fathers 4 Progress Inc. believes that a father-daughter relationship is unique and vital to your well-being.

A father who shows up for both his daughter and his spouse fosters hope and a positive outlook on romantic relationships. Seeing their father’s responsiveness and presence teaches them the importance of support, trust, and closeness in the relationships they will form in their own lives. Women who had a physically absent father as a child may be less trusting of others and more unsure of what to expect from healthy romantic relationships.

The emotional absence of a father also hurts. You may spend a lot of time with your father but feel disconnected or detached from him. Women who grew up with an emotionally unavailable father are more likely to marry emotionally unavailable men and are less secure and dissatisfied with their relationships.

The way your father treats your mother has a long-term impact as well. What you saw in your parent’s relationship or marriage can often teach you what you don’t want and how you don’t want to be treated. You may be afraid of repeating your mother and father’s mistakes if you witnessed many negative interactions between them. Experiencing emotional or physical abuse, affairs, and any forms of betrayal as a child has a significant impact on your ability to trust in your relationships.

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