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Fathers 4 Progress Inc. is born out of the need to educate fathers from all walks of life with respect to the different strategies to enhance their awareness of what fatherhood is really about, and to use their innate powers to wield influence to achieve their own goal. We have created an open space to bring together fathers in various fields of specialization to come up with a network so they could support one another and create ripples of positive change in each other’s life.

At our Fatherhood Training Center in Bronx, NY, a team of skilled staff will encourage fathers to rediscover their true potential so that they can use their innate capabilities to inspire children and other people wherever they may go.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower fathers and all male role models to become strong advocates in the lives of their children, family and community, contributing to the growth and development of each respectively. We also maintain a strong referral and support network, such services make it possible for low income parents to become independent, self-confident, self-sufficient and productive members of the community.

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How We Can Help You

Through us, most fathers can carve their own pathway so that a brighter and more stable future will lie ahead for them. The best is yet to come for these fathers, and we will continue to be on standby whenever they need us.

This is the kind of assurance that we always leave to those who would like to benefit from our services. [ Click Here » ]

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  • Fatherhood Training Center Location: 281 East Burnside Ave., Bronx, NY 10457 Contact Program Director, Julson Fabien, L.M.S.W Office: 718-299-6500 (Ext. 1027) Fax: 718-299-2855 Email: