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Helping Fathers Grow Through Specialized Programs


Fathers who attend fatherhood programs find great value in them. The support they find among other fathers, the guidance they receive from the program facilitators, and the community resources and support that they access keep them coming back. Additionally, fathers report knowing how to communicate better with their children and their children’s mothers, and having an increased sense of confidence and efficacy as a father because of their participation. Here at Fathers 4 Progress Inc., you can rely on the Parenting Programs in Bronx, New York that we offer.

Several small-scale studies have found fatherhood initiatives showing promise, while other programs have registered impacts under more rigorous evaluation designs. Several large evaluations of fatherhood programs are currently underway. Our center provides a wide range of Fatherhood programs in New York. We believe that every father deserves a place where he is understood and will be assisted in overcoming the challenges of fatherhood.

We provide services and Fatherhood Training, such as programs that aim to increase fathers’ positive parenting skills, appropriate discipline, effective communication, emotional support, and stress management. These programs can have a double effect, reducing risk factors for child abuse and increasing protective factors.

Do not hesitate to seek help in becoming better fathers. We keep our place and lines open to every father out there. Call our lines today.

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