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Fragile Masculinity: How It Ends With You Today?


Most men nowadays suffer from fragile masculinity. While the topic is well-known, it is rarely discussed, and some men find it offensive. So, what exactly is it, and what are the visible signs that you have it?

Fragile masculinity refers to the strange uneasiness felt by males who believe that performing certain things causes them to fall short of the traditional ideal of manhood. While it is not considered a sort of mental health problem, it can have an impact on a man’s well-being. It can lead to substance misuse and even depression in some circumstances.

Social sciences demonstrate that fragile masculinity is caused by men’s fear of appearing too feminine or weak. The term is frequently applied to men in the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly gays and transgender people. It can also refer to a heterosexual man whose manhood is in doubt for whatever reason.

This closed-mindedness puts the relationship between fathers and their children at risk. It acts as an example for kids, especially young boys, to be completely dominant over one gender.

Other signs of fragile masculinity that often show are reckless participation in dangerous activities, aggression towards women and feminine people, excusing bad behavior among men, and believing that women are incapable of independence and strength.

Ending fragile masculinity should start at home. Fatherhood training allows dads to become better role models for their children and better spouses to their partners. Ending this closed-mindedness at home can help create a more compassionate generation, opening a world field with equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender.

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