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Father-Child Bonds: How It Impacts Their Upbringing


The best cooks in the world are men, and the kitchen welcomes anyone with an appetite for a good meal and fun company. Father and child bonding are great times that have now been given more and more attention because fathers play an amazing role in the lives of their children, and these stories need to be told to inspire more fathers to be the man their children need them to be.

Fathers giving their time and attention to their families get firsthand experience toward seeing the happiness of their children over using material gifts to make up for their shortcomings. Through our fatherhood program in New York, we help families, especially fathers, see the value of their presence in their children and how paternal support goes beyond physical presence since it is vital in shaping a child’s view about how a man acts in society.

Strengthen Paternal Bonds

Although there used to be a stigma that the women or mothers should have more of the parenting responsibility, modern parenthood teaches that fathers also carry the same weight and responsibility that mothers have. Even as simple as spending time in the kitchen and making meals together, already imprints a good memory in the minds of their children that their father likes to spend time with them and that that should be their standard in a father: someone present and someone who knows how to make simple times memorable.

Eliminates Stereotyping

By showing children that fathers can cook and do household chores that their mothers also do, eliminates any form of stereotyping that we should leave all the housekeeping tasks for the women to do. Rather, we should all pitch in to keep the house clean and running and not wait for our mothers to clean up after us. When fathers also show this attribute, children learn when they see both their parents are sharing the load and would be compelled to also offer them help, all out of love and respect.

Pass-on Traditions

All families have one or two traditions that get passed on from one generation to the next. Instead of just having the mother’s side of traditions getting passed on, recipes and treasures from the father’s side can also be passed on so that children have something to remember by from their father.

We are all for the betterment and progress of fathers and their connection with their children, and our fatherhood training center in Bronx, New York delights in getting fathers more and more appreciated for their priceless contributions to their families and in society.

Fathers 4 Progress Inc. is here to make better fathers out of men. Support our cause and get in touch with us to make more fathers well bonded with their children.

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